Welcome to Development Services

Development Services is responsible for protecting the health, safety, and quality of life of the citizens of Amarillo through regulation of land and building development. The department seeks to facilitate an efficient and effective development process that supports economic development. These processes include granting authority to develop land, construct, and occupy buildings. More specifically, Development Services is responsible for rights determination, subdivision mapping/parcel addressing, zoning and subdivision administration, building codes enforcement, contractor licensing and registration, landscaping, sign regulation, and traffic impact analysis. Since City development involves partnerships with other City departments and outside agencies, the department seeks to facilitate the coordination of these reviews to provide responsive customer service throughout the development process. In addition to facilitating land and building development, the department manages programs to help ensure minimum quality of life standards such as maintenance of property, dangerous structures, and graffiti. These programs are dedicated to results-oriented and community-driven service delivery to help make Amarillo a vibrant and inviting community where people desire to live, work, and play.

2017 Planning & Zoning Commission Deadlines Submittal Deadlines for Preliminary Plan, Final Plats, and Zoning applications only:
January 17th (Tuesday) and 30th

February 13th and 27th

March 13th and 27th

April 10th and 24th

May 15th and 30th (Tuesday)

June 12th and 26th

July 17th and 31st

August 14th and 28th

September 11th and 25th

October 16th and 30th

November 13th