What is the purpose of Development Services?
A development review process that is transparent, consistent, and predictable in assisting the applicant and ensuring compliance with adopted City codes and standards.

Who is Development Services?
The Development Services group consists of the departments of:  Planning, Engineering, Utilities, Traffic Engineering, Public Works, Building Safety and additional stakeholders including TXDOT, Office of the Fire Marshal, and Environmental Health.

 What is Development Services Center?
The City of Amarillo Development Services Center or “One-Stop-Shop” is our gateway to providing the highest quality professional service to the many different customers served.  This gateway, the access point to create and manage an exceptional customer service experience, is our foundation.  Development Services recognizes the importance of our investors and will work tirelessly to streamline and expedite the review process for all projects within the developing and built environments. We recognize and respect the time and cost elements related to project submittal, review, acceptance, and excellence in customer service to proactively take projects to their maximum potential. The Development Services Center will provide greater transparency throughout the process and a commitment to seek continuous improvement and partnerships to enhance the development process. Our goal is the long term success of our community and an enhanced service delivery process through effective project management.

How is Development Services going to do this?

  1. Improve service delivery and the customer service experience
    1. Improve point of contact service delivery
    2. Streamline application intake and routing
    3. Greater transparency in the review process
    4. Consistency in overall process and communication
  2. Speed processing times
    1. Improved coordination of review
    2. Review timelines assigned
    3. Improved use of technology for greater accountability, evaluate improvement, and greater transparency
    4. Establishing realistic benchmarks
  3. Improve business processes and modernize practices
    1. Simplified application process, consistency in submittals
    2. Project managers assigned during application intake process (single point of contact)
    3. Concurrent review, consistency and individual accountability
    4. Stakeholder feedback, customer service survey, monitoring

Where is the Development Services Center located?
Simms Municipal Building
808 S. Buchanan
Amarillo, Texas 79101

How do I contact Development Services?
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (806) 378-5263

Who is in responsible for Development Services success?
Bob Cowell, Assistant City Manager
[email protected]